2020 District 4 All Star Tournament Announcement


Joe Schwartz Little League (JSLL) is pleased to have been chosen to host part of the District 4 LL All Star tournament. 

To ensure we conform with state and city regulations, and to continue our efforts to make this year's baseball experience as safe as possible for all involved, please take time to review our guidelines for participating in, volunteering at, or spectating a game at our field. 

It is strongly recommended that all participants, volunteers, and spectators familiarize themselves with the full guidelines provided below. Our Frequently Asked Questions section is provided as a courtesy. 

Please note - Spectators who fail to adhere to the guidelines in the full plan may be subject to adverse actions which may include such spectator being removed or prohibited from attending games, or the overall cessation of games and related activities.

Important documents/links:

  • Full JSLL 2020 All Star Tournament Guidelines
  • 2020 All Star Tournament - Frequently Asked Questions
  • JSLL Tournament Game Health Attestation Form

    Attention: a completed health attestation form must be submitted to a JSLL official upon the arrival of any participant to any JSLL-hosted game and contact tracing for known spectators must be provided.
  • 2020 All Star Tournament Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

     Joe Schwartz Little League
    2020 All Star Tournament Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Are participants (players and adult volunteers / coaches) required to measure their body temperature prior to participating or attending a game hosted at Joe Schwartz Little League (JSLL)?

    Yes. All individuals participating / attending any JSLL-hosted activity must measure their temperature to ensure no fever is present prior to engaging in said activity. This must be taken “medication-free” (i.e., no ibuprofen or acetaminophen).

    Are there any conditions under which players and/or coaches would be prohibited from participating?

    Yes. Participants (coaches, players, volunteers) would be prohibited from participating if they have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus (unless medically cleared to return), or, in the last 14 days they:

  • have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus
  • had a fever
  • are experiencing respiratory symptoms (ex., cough) not associated with an existing health condition.

  • Spectators should not attend a JSLL-hosted activity if any of the above conditions/symptoms apply to them.

    Are participants (players, coaches) required to submit a completed health attestation form (with contact tracing information) to JSLL upon arrival at any and every JSLL-hosted activity?

    Yes. A completed “Joe Schwartz Tournament Game Health Attestation Form” for every participant (player, coach, volunteer) must be submitted to a JSLL official upon their arrival. Additionally, contact tracing information is required for all known attendees. The health attestation form has space to add contact information for known attendees.

    Can we bring disposable water/drink bottles to the field?

    No. Players/coaches can provide their own individually marked water/drink container, but disposable water/drink containers are not allowed as there will be no trash receptacles at JSLL fields. All trash must be disposed of at home.

    Who can attend a JSLL-hosted activity?

    Immediate family members. “Immediate family members” are defined as parents, legal guardians, siblings and grandparents. Spectator attendance is limited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to 50 people (not including players, coaches, umpires or league officials).  If the number of spectators exceeds 50, JSLL reserves the right to limit the number of spectators, including asking spectators to leave the facility.

    Where will players sit when not playing? How will they socially distance? Can equipment be shared?

    Dugouts will be closed and not in use. Players will place their equipment in the clearly marked designated areas, no closer than 6’ from each other. This is where they will sit / wait when not on the field of play. Players are strongly encouraged to bring their own chairs. Sharing baseball equipment is not allowed.

    Where can spectators sit?

    Spectators may sit anywhere (as long as it is not marked as unavailable) as long as they are not within 6’ of players and do not interfere with the orderly play of the game or JSLL operations. Please note: Bleachers will be unavailable.

    When are masks required for participants?

    Players are not required to wear a mask on the field of play; however, they must have one available and wear it when: 

  • they are at bat
  • on the fence line while not on the athletic field
  • on athletic field grounds and unable to maintain 6’ distance from people not residing in their household.

  • Adult participants (manager, coaches, volunteers)
    must wear face coverings at all times when on the field.

    When are spectators required to wear masks while in attendance at a JSLL activity?

    It is mandatory that all spectators wear facial coverings at all times even if you are social distancing.

    Can I approach my child / player during a JSLL-hosted activity they are participating in?

    All spectators should refrain from approaching the players who are “on the bench” unless it is absolutely necessary to do so, and when doing so, must wear a face covering.

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